Maddie’s Story- Breastfeeding and Oral Ties

grayscale image of woman is breastfeeding baby

Maddie has been breastfeeding her son for over 12 months and loves the time they share and the special bond that breastfeeding brings them. Initially, she wasn’t sure if she could persist through her early challenges. However, as you will read, with good support from family and consultation with an IBCLC she managed to overcome […]

Breastfeeding- Told by a Mum of 3

Woman in white shirt carrying baby

My breastfeeding journey started 7 and a half years ago. It’s been challenging and wonderful and I wouldn’t change a thing because it’s shown me strength, perseverance and resilience I didn’t think I had. I wasn’t able to bring my babies naturally into the world but I was sure as hell gonna feed them naturally! […]

Welcome to “All For The Breast”

woman in white coat breastfeeding baby in white onesie

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new BLOG!! Holistic Lactation Consulting together with local mums have been working on some pretty beautiful and special stories to share with you all. These are the stories, told by mums of their breastfeeding journeys. My goal in this page is to teach, to educate […]