Lactation consultant in Melbourne


Holistic Lactation Consulting supports mothers and their babies with personalised care throughout their breastfeeding journey, along with providing sleep support to both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding families.

Lactation Consultations

All Consultations are run from the Frankston Clinic or via Zoom.
Services may be covered by affiliated private health funds.



90 minutes

Are you finding breastfeeding challenging or overwhelming? Do you feel you have been given a lot of conflicting advice and you would like some evidence-based info that is consistent? Then an appointment with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is just what you need.

Let’s start by sitting down and reviewing your history, assess your feeding, discuss your experiences, challenges and goals and create a customised plan just for you and your family. I will work with you to resolve your breastfeeding challenges and allow feeding to be enjoyable and comfortable. With the information and techniques I provide during your consultation, you will have the confidence to navigate many breastfeeding challenges in the future.

Follow Up


45 minutes

Follow up consultations are a great way to check in on more complex plans that require a number of steps to achieve. During this appointment we will check in on your baby’s wellbeing and weight and change your plan accordingly

80% of women who I see, do not require a follow-up consultation. With the information and skills I provide you during your consultation, you will have the confidence to navigate many breastfeeding challenges in the future. In some more complex journeys, a follow-up consultation is required.

Gentle Sleep Support


  • Includes an initial 90-minute consultation (face to face or via Zoom)
  • Written plan emailed to you.
Follow up sleep appointments can be made as needed. These appointments are up to 30 mins and the fee is $80. Sleep follow up appointments are conducted via phone or zoom and families can book as many as they need 

When your baby’s sleep issues are affecting your family life and mental health, but sleep training is not for you.

At Holistic Infant sleep support my focus is around gentle parenting and supporting the parent-infant bond. Using the Possums approach to infant sleep, feeding and cry fuss problems I will work with you to improve the manageability of your baby’s sleep while increasing your enjoyment of motherhood.

Research shows that meeting your baby’s needs is important for their neurodevelopment. This service is not about leaving a baby to cry, to fuss or to be distressed in any way. I am here to help you to make your days manageable and enjoyable and to improve your baby’s sleep. NO strict routines or crying.

Combined Sleep and Feeding Consultations


  • For the parents who feel completely overwhelmed and like life needs to change now!
  • Services may be covered by affiliated private health funds
  • Includes a 120 minute initial consultation (face to face or Zoom)
  • A written plan emailed to you 
Follow up sleep and feeding combined appointments are up to 45 mins and the fee is $130.

Are you feeling like the early weeks or even months with your baby are stressful and not enjoyable?  Is breastfeeding hard, painful or stessful and you are also struggling with your baby’s sleep? Breastfeeding and sleep often come hand in hand. Where there is a breastfeeding problem quite often a sleep problem will follow. Do you feel in need of a big overhaul? 

I will sit down with you and your partner and go over everything from feeding, sleep and day to day life. We will nut it out together with evidence based options to ensure breastfeeding becomes an easier and more enjoyable part of your day, while ensuring the whole family unit gets more sleep.

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