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We are so excited to announce the launch of our new BLOG!!

Holistic Lactation Consulting together with local mums have been working on some pretty beautiful and special stories to share with you all. These are the stories, told by mums of their breastfeeding journeys.

My goal in this page is to teach, to educate mums, dads, grandmas, aunties, sisters and anyone who is helping a breastfeeding mother to reach her goals.

When I tell people I’m a lactation consultant very often women will say “oh I wanted to breastfeed but I wasn’t able to due to X,Y,Z” I find myself wishing I had been there during their journey because their reason for weaning was very often preventable, or was something most mums go through as a blip in the road. Had this mum been supported well this would not have ended her journey.

Holistic LC is embarking on a little storytelling journey, stories told by mums who breastfed beyond 12 months. (the current Australian guidelines) some of these mums breastfed for much longer.

With each blog we will share a new mums story. The challenges, setbacks, the joys and the achievement.

What I am wanting to show through these mums stories is that women who successfully breastfeed long term often went through the same challenges as women who weaned before they would have liked. The difference is that these women were well supported. They were given good advice, they saw an IBCLC, they succeeded because they had the help they needed to reach their goals.

For all the mums struggling with breastfeeding challenges I want this to be a space that brings you the comfort of knowing that it will get easier. If you are sitting at home feeling overwhelmed with a new little baby and breastfeeding isn’t what you thought it would be. I want you to know that you are not alone, and that most breastfeeding mums went through these hard times. It is so worth it and one day you will look back and see how resilient and strong you were.

I wish breastfeeding came easily to everyone but as you will see as we share these stories is that most women have struggles. It is their determination and the support of their family and health professionals that enable them to breastfeed for as long as they wanted.

Please remember “her success is not your failure” the intention of these stories is not to make anyone feel guilty or to upset any mum. It is to show the true story behind breastfeeding. That just like anything that is good for you, it takes hard work, support, perseverance and determination.

These mums are proud of themselves for reaching their goals. Whether their goals differ from yours, whether you agree with their decisions or not, these mums are proud of themselves. So let’s share the love, be proud of them too. These stories come from a good place with no intention of guilt or shame.

So grab a big cup of herbal tea, and get ready to share in the journeys of some pretty special mums and bubs.

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